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Learning from Broadcasting's Best

Dale Hoskins: PhD

Associate Professor of Communication

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Dale Hoskins received the Jack Clifford Excellence in Broadcast Education Award from the Arizona Broadcasters Association Foundation, which honors broadcasters and educators for their commitment to the industry. Hoskins received the award for his positive contributions to the broadcasting industry through education. He is the first Northern Arizona University professor to be awarded this honor which acknowledges his dedication to the art of designing a curriculum to meet the employment needs of the broadcasting industry and to teaching students how to become invaluable in the world of communication. "I teach students that the key is versatility—being able to manage many different jobs in the broadcast industry and being confident in all of them," he says.

At a time when journalists are questioned for their objectivity, and the future of journalism in the U.S. is frequently debated, Hoskins pushes his students to change the game. "I expect our students to develop into solid, ethical reporters who are held to a higher standard. I also push them to be team players. They learn to perform different jobs and have the confidence necessary to complete the tasks," he says. In order to be effective as a reporter, Hoskins adds, a person has to be willing to step into some of the less glamorous aspects of producing a quality news piece.

Hoskins has dedicated his career to helping students understand the broadcast industry holistically so that in the field, they can adapt and perform the necessary skills both in front of and behind the camera. This perspective, which combines practical skills with a critical awareness of how stories are researched and told, is inherent in the courses he teaches. Based on his own philosophies of strong journalistic practices, Hoskins helped to shape the university's degree program to include a strong foundation in ethics, hands-on experience, and interdisciplinary awareness.

His passion for excellence and the individual attention he gives to students has propelled NAU graduates to successful careers. "There is a great connection between the classroom, lab assignments, and actually working for a media outlet," he says. "I encourage students to become well-rounded and ready to move into responsible broadcast jobs."

Hoskins' experience and vision has had far-reaching effects upon the professional caliber of his students and upon the broadcast industry in Arizona. These are just a few of the reasons why Hoskins received the prestigious ABA award. Hoskins isn't content to rest on his laurels, however. As a professor, he hopes to challenge the next generation of radio and television broadcasters to raise the level of quality and responsibility in the stories they deliver through mass media.